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Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning is all about recognizing and managing emotions, solving social problems effectively, and building positive relationships with others.

At KCS, we know that Social-Emotional Learning is an essential part of every student’s personal and academic development, and we have made it a priority in our school.

The Junior School provides deliberate instruction in social-emotional skills through the Seconds Step (Grades SK – 8). In the Senior School, instruction and guidance in this area is delivered through the Advisory Program.
But beyond that, we have integrated Social-Emotional Learning into our entire curriculum. We coordinate our teaching from grade to grade to ensure that instruction of social-emotional skills remains consistent throughout a child’s time at KCS. These skills are designed to be appropriate to the development age and stage of the children, and they are reinforced time and time again.
Additionally, social-emotional regulation is modeled by the adults in the building and it is reinforced through our Three School Rules, Habits of Mind, Body, and Action and our Leadership in Learning Attributes. 

Learning how to get along and work together is one of the most important aspects of a well-rounded education. And it’s a key component of what matters in life.