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Promoting Self-Discipline

Discipline is a fundamental part of being a capable, accomplished citizen.

KCS is committed to helping students develop a strong sense of self-discipline. We recognize that all people make mistakes. When we do, it is important to be honest, learn from our mistakes, make things right, and commit to not repeating them.
In most cases, classroom teachers will provide the necessary guidance when students need help with positive self-discipline. In the case of ongoing difficulties, they will receive extra instruction focused on addressing the behaviour of concern. This instruction will include reflection and development of an action plan in order to make things right and to avoid making the same mistake again.
In the Junior School, if a student’s behaviour remains an ongoing concern, the Director of Student and Community Well-Being, in consultation with the teachers involved and parents, will take appropriate actions to ensure the child learns from the experience. In the Senior School, the teachers involved, the Faculty Advisor, and the Assistant Head of Senior School will work with the parents/guardians to determine next steps.
As a general rule, the consequences for problematic behaviour will be consistent with the nature and degree of the problem. Each case will be treated individually as no two actions or misdemeanors are exactly alike, nor are the needs of the people involved. A fair consequence and learning experience does not necessarily come from the same treatment for each offense and must be developmental and age appropriate. KCS will make every attempt to respond in a fashion that is appropriate, constructive and corrective.