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Learning Environment

A school is made of more than just a philosophy and a curriculum – it’s made of classrooms, labs, libraries, and outdoor spaces.

That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into the design of our school environment.  
KCS Junior School

Because the environment where our students learn has a significant impact on how and what they learn. From the moment you step into the KCS Junior School, you get a feeling full of colour, richness, and a lust for life. The walls talk. Literally. And they say (in a kind but firm way) this is why and how you're going to learn, and what you will eventually take away.

We strive to create a learning environment that nurtures all of our students and their learning needs. Desks are arranged as needed, for collaboration, whole class dialogue, or individual focus. There is room for movement in the classroom and standing desks are available should a student choose to use one. There are break-out spaces in our hallways to also allow for further small-group collaboration.  In the Junior School, classrooms have wobble cushions and stools, chairs that provide dynamic seating, noise cancelling headphones, study carrels for greater focus, and horseshoe-shaped tables for group work. 

Our learning environment goes beyond our walls.  At the Junior School, our award-winning Outdoor Classroom (Toronto’s Best Natural Playgrounds) is a space where students can experience learning outside of the traditional classroom walls. This outdoor learning can also take place in our Reading Circle. Our living wall, green roof and generous natural light promote wellness and enhanced learning.

KCS Senior School

Our new facility on the shores of Lake Ontario has been designed to distinctly support experiential learning and our commitment to well-being. Our Market Place is the heart of the school where students, staff, and Learning Partners can meet, collaborate, enjoy lunch, present, perform, create, and even sell products from an entrepreneurial venture. The student-led café will support authentic experiential learning in entrepreneurship as part of the KCS Path Program as well as through our extra-curricular offerings. Our Fitness Room is a generous space designed to support a wide array of strength and agility training both in and outside of class. Our Art Studio, Science Lab, classrooms and more are built and equipped to support learning in all disciplines.

Our learning environment, both within and beyond our walls, inspires our students to grow and thrive. By design, they come to know what matters in life, and when they graduate, they are inspired to continue their journey as life-long learners.