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KCS House System

Along with being a proud member of the KCS community, each student gets to join one of the four KCS houses: Prichard, Scott, Hannaford, and Luxton.

The house system provides each student with a sense of belonging to a smaller group within the school community. It’s also a way to inject a lot of fun and excitement into everyday life at school!
Friendships with students from other grades are fostered through co-operative and competitive activities within the houses. School spirit is strengthened, and many opportunities are created for the development of skills and leadership. For example, along with intramural sports and annual events like Sports Day, houses compete at (usually hilarious) challenges during our Spirit Day Assemblies.

House captains are selected to organize and lead a variety of activities throughout the year, while individual students earn house points for their involvement in clubs and teams. At the Junior School, each term students may also earn points for their effort and citizenship in the classroom. And three times year students are recognized for reaching significant house point milestones. At the Senior School, graduating students who have earned more than 75 House Points earn the 21 Award. 

Each student's house points earned throughout the academic year contribute to their house’s total points. The House Cup is presented each year to the house which has accumulated the greatest number of points over the course of the school year.
Friendly competition, energetic school spirit, and a true sense of camaraderie. That’s what you get when you join a house at KCS!

KCS Junior School students with the Prichards