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Junior School Assembly and Chapel

Junior School Assembly and Chapel are a time for us to come together and share our stories.

We celebrate achievements, focus our goals, and enjoy a wide range of performances and presentations from the students.

Our assemblies are fun and energetic, but also thought-provoking and inspiring.

Chapel Services at KCS Junior School give us the opportunity to stop and take a little time to reflect on our personal growth. By focusing on the importance of compassion, making a difference, and treating others as we want to be treated, students are encouraged to move towards a more altruistic and self-aware state of mind.

Students from Grades 1 to 8 attend chapel at St. George’s on-the-hill Church every other Friday. They also attend a smaller service once a week, one for Grades 1-4 and one for Grades 5-8. 

KCS Junior School assembly in Canada Hall