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Let's stay connected.
At KCS, we believe that education is a team sport. Students, teachers, and families all need to work together to ensure that our kids get the most out of their learning experiences. And that all starts with open, honest, and regular communication.

Every Friday the entire school community receives our weekly “Stay Connected” newsletter via email which provides parents with upcoming school events and important school news. 

We also have a strong digital presence to keep families connected with their child’s learning. Schoology and PowerSchool help families juggle everything from schedules to permission forms, while the Homeform webpages are filled with news and resources. And our social media presence is great way to sneak a peek into the day-to-day adventures at KCS!

Of course, nothing beats the personal touch, so our faculty and staff go out of their way to reach out and touch base with families on a regular basis. We love to tell you about your child’s successes, offer support when needed, or just share a story about something wonderful that happened that day.

We’re all on the same team. And the best teams are the ones that know how to communicate.

KCS Senior school tv screen

The support and attention that the faculty and staff provide to the students each school day are remarkable. The ongoing communication provided to parents and the parental involvement at KCS are exceptional. 

KCS Parents, Class of 2022 & Class of 2025