Senior School

Toronto as Our Campus

Toronto is growing in exceptional ways. So are the learning possibilities.

History at the Toronto archives. Biology in High Park. Physical education classes that include rowing, hockey, cross fit, and boxing. Learning wherever and however it’s best to learn. 

Thanks to our wide array of Learning Partners, the KCS Senior School campus will reach well beyond our property line. While our Learning Partners will sometimes come to the school, unforgettable learning will often begin when our teachers and students go to them.

Getting to know Toronto:
  1. Allows students to see how the subjects they study influence the world outside of school
  2. Introduces students to diverse experts, their workplaces, and the work they do that brings value to others
  3. Exposes students to the breadth of careers and areas of interest available to pursue
  4. Raises awareness of the many cultures and communities in our midst, and the vital role they play in shaping Toronto 
  5. Provides opportunities for experiential learning where students can apply their knowledge and skills to make a positive difference 
  6. Acts as a catalyst at a critical age for developing self-identity, perspective, purpose, and self-confidence

Nate McClennen, Place-Based Education: Communities As Learning Environments

Instead of asking students to wait for 20 years to really understand the ‘why’ behind school, students should spend twenty years as integral and participatory members of learning communities. Imagine a world with Place-Based Education for every child — connecting learning locally, regionally, and ultimately, globally. With multiple opportunities to interact with professionals, design solutions to real challenges, and skills to understand the world through multiple lenses, these students are the citizens the world needs for tomorrow.

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