Senior School

The Partner Experience

Partners connect students with an infinite array of expertise.

Learning Partners will include experts in their field and individuals who represent diverse world cultures and languages. Many will be from the KCS community of parents and staff. Others will be from external organisations that are keen to support the next generation of leaders in their field. Learning Partners will also include students who have distinct knowledge and skills they are willing to share with their schoolmates.

Interested parents and external learning partners will engage with teachers and students to provide enriched learning in a multitude of ways, including:
  • Responding to student-led inquiries
  • Speaking to students about their area of expertise 
  • Hosting offsite field trips and student-led investigation
  • Providing individualized field and co-op placements
  • Serving as Mentors in the KCS Path Program
  • Offering opportunities for authentic problem-solving and difference-making

KCS parent, High School Feedback Survey

Students should be engaging in the “real world” as much as possible. Instead of learning about what others have done, they should be actively “doing” those things themselves.

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