Senior School

The Future of Education

The need for a defining force in education.

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Thought leaders, post-secondary presidents, CEOs, experts from all fields, psychologists, parents, and youth increasingly insist on an education system that prepares students for the unpredictable future.

There is a pressing need to address:
  • The gap between what high schools offer and what both students and the economy need
  • Education that is both limited and limiting, making many students uninspired, frustrated, under-engaged, and even unwell
  • A profession that needs help with responsible transformation
Pioneering schools are showing that education can be designed so students thrive at high school and beyond. KCS is poised to join those schools.

Our Model

The KCS focus on community, well-being and enriched curriculum will be as evident in the KCS Senior School as it is in the KCS Junior School. The foundational Habits that we teach in the junior years will prevail in our Senior School.

We are committed to regularly providing:
  1. Engagement with external learning partners 
  2. Offsite learning
  3. Engagement in entrepreneurship, supported by Mentors and seed funding from the school
  4. Student-driven experiential learning that leverages student passions and provides experience in making a difference 

Valerie Swatkow, Chief Development Officer, Cossette

You were one of the best prepared and aligned groups I’ve completed this exercise with. It was a pleasure. I’m also now convinced this new school is a must for Toronto.

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Head of Senior School
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