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Never-ending Discovery

KCS already has a long, cherished tradition of nurturing the very best possibilities. The KCS Learning Community Program is an extension of this promise, offering students a unique opportunity to explore their curiosities, discover new passions and be better prepared for the world ahead. Through the program, students are connected to highly individualized learning possibilities outside the classroom, shaping them into the self-driven learners and leaders the world needs.

KCS Student

It was really amazing to be able to talk to someone like Tami (Zuckerman, founder of VarageSale) who had successfully run a modern business. It just meant that much more when she took me seriously. If she believed in me, I should too.

How KCS Builds A Better Student

The KCS Learning Community Program connects our students to external learning and mentors. Students attend a spectrum of events and workshops, experience 1-on-1 mentorships, and engage with authentic, real-world challenges. The program can even cultivate co-op and internship opportunities.

The KCS Learning Community Program helps students apply the theoretical to the practical, and realize opportunities on the road ahead.




KCS Student

The chance to learn from U.S. astronaut, Joe Tanner, was an out of this world experience. It was incredible to ask questions of someone who has actually been in space. I learned from Joe to never give up on my dreams and that anything is possible.

KCS Learning Partners Make Our Students Better Prepared

Students will discover the world through opportunities to learn from people and places, local and global. The KCS Learning Community Program connects students to the knowledge and skills of those shaping our world, and prepares them to make their own impact. The KCS Learning Community is limitless. So are the possibilities for our students.

Student-driven and built on student strengths, passions, and curiosity. Tailored to inspire, challenge and nurture.
Participation in unique, external partnerships helps students see their future in a more well-rounded way.
Help students see what the world has to offer and find their role in making it better for the future.

Sandra Nagy, Director of Learning, Future Design School

We are truly inspired by the new Senior School vision, and are privileged to work as a proud partner of KCS to support the development of students’ entrepreneurial and problem solving capabilities. KCS’ new senior school model has the potential to have a transformative impact on education.


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Andrea Fanjoy
Head of Senior School

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