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Student Leadership

There’s only way to learn leadership. Take a responsible risk and be a leader. Then do it again. And again. And again.

That’s why we support our students by providing them with leadership opportunities at every age and all year long. We know that if we want them to be leaders, they need chances to lead.
Of course, they also need guidance and encouragement. And that’s where our supportive community comes into play. Students at KCS know that when they put themselves out there, they’ve got the full support of their peers, teachers, and families behind them.
To ensure that every child has the chance to be a leader, we have built leadership opportunities into our curriculum and daily life. Grade 8 students are responsible for leading Friday chapels and assemblies. Grade 7 and 8 students can serve as House Captains and organize community and spirit-raising events throughout the year. And all Grade 6-8 students take part in a formal leadership program where they initiate and follow through on organizing activities for the school community. Older students can also acquire leadership experience through many of our extracurricular activities, where they can serve as club and team assistants or peer tutors. And all students in grades 6-8 participate in the lunch leadership program, where they assist faculty in supervising students from grades JK-5 during lunch.
Of course, leadership doesn't have to be scheduled. Leadership can be helping a friend with a stuck zipper or setting a good example while waiting your turn at the water fountain. At KCS, we take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the hundreds of little leadership moments that happen each and every day. Because being a leader is all about doing the right thing, no matter how small. 


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