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"Reading Makes You A Better... Everything!"

Two Kevins visited KCS in September. Grades 5-8 students had a wonderful time with author Kevin Sylvester (Neil Flambe series) and Kevin Sands (The Blackthorn Key).

“Reading makes you a better….everything!” That was just one message that author, Kevin Sylvester, shared with our grades 5- 8 students. 

Kevin Sylvester is author of the award-winning Neil Flambe series, an illustrator and also a part-time sports broadcaster. His love of space and all things science fiction is evident in his latest book, MINRS. We were thrilled to learn that the sixth book in the Flambe series is being released this summer!

But the presentation didn’t stop with just one Kevin! Another Kevin, Kevin Sands, joined the author event as well. His first book was just released this week, The Blackthorn Key. Mr. Sands entertained us with his knowledge of life in medieval England (the setting of his book), code-making, apothecary potions and medicines, and modern-day treasures.

Many thanks to Mables Fables bookstore for organizing this event!

Read, learn, and be curious about the world!

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