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The Great Norval Adventure Race

KCS Grade 8 students embarked on their final visit to the Norval Outdoor School on May 11, 2015. Their mission for the day was to complete…The Great Norval Adventure Race!...the culminating outdoor education experience for our soon to be graduates. KCS students have been trekking to Norval annually since Grade 1 (now our SK students go as well) and have experienced overnight trips in Grades 5-8.
They began their final day at Norval as KCS students, divided into six groups, racing around, finding orienteering markers and completing adventure/initiative tasks to earn points. The group who earned the most points in the allotted time was declared the winner!
The Grade 8 students completed many fun and challenging activities, including: geocaching, orienteering, tarp flip, pocket rope, bobsled race, shrinking island, scavenger hunt, and a water jug challenge. A favourite activity was “Milk Crate Stacking”, held at the high ropes course area. It was a challenging activity and the winning group stacked 18 crates and had their “stacker” standing atop their creation in victory.
The Grade 8 class would like to thank Mr. Elgie, Mr. Evans and the entire Norval staff for 8 wonderful years of leadership, instruction and fun at Norval. Team Cheer!
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