Junior Division: Grades 4-6
Grade 6

Silver Birch and Yellow Cedar Celebration in Grades 5 and 6

Students came dressed as their favourite characters from books nominated for this year’s Silver Birch and Yellow Cedar Awards on Thursday, March 5.  Students were congratulated for their participation in these programs and special recognition was given to the following students for completing all books in one or both of the programs:
  • 5M: Vivian Lenton and Thaya Miles
  • 5S: Oliver Chernyak, Elias Koutsaris, and Liesl Kuebler
  • 6P: Anna Wang
  • 6T: Charlie Masse
Students were also treated to a teamwork challenge where they needed to work together to solve puzzles and find clues to unlock the answers to the winning books (based on student votes), their class costume winner (based on student votes), and house point winners (each student earned 1 point/book read in the programs). 
Silver Birch and Yellow Cedar Winning Books:
  • 3rd Place: Winnie’s Great War and Too Young to Escape
  • 2nd Place: The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane and Hayley Wickenheiser
  • 1st Place: Inkling and Killer Style 
Class Costume Winners:
  • 5M: Vivian Lenton
  • 5S: Charlie Smitiuch
  • 6P: Charlie Masse
  • 6T: Trenton Mayers 
After lunch, we were treated to a visit with Kenneth Oppel (Sophia ’09 and Nate ’12) who returned to KCS as part of our celebration. As part of his presentation, Mr. Oppel spoke about his inspirations for Inkling, his creative writing process, and completed a short reading for us from his Silver Birch nominated book Inkling. It was a very engaging and fun visit.

Ms. Cutting and Ms. Davis thanked all the teachers and students for their support and hard work reading during the Silver Birch and Yellow Cedar reading programs.
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