Environmental Stewardship

Robots with Character

Every year KCS sends teams to the First LEGO League Eastern Provincial Championships. To prepare for this exciting event, teams create and program robots that are designed to complete a wide range of challenges. They also research and present innovative solutions to real-world problems related to that year’s theme. Previous research projects have included hydrodynamics, space exploration, and interactions between humans and animals.

While we’re always very impressed with our teams’ work as designers, programmers, and researchers, we’re actually more proud of their work as teammates. Every year our students demonstrate a positive attitude, persistence, and a genuine love of learning – traits that we value and nurture at KCS every single day.

This has not gone unnoticed by the judges, as we have started building a nice collection of awards, including the Teamwork Award (presented to a team with “strong communication, effective problem solving and excellent time management”) and the Judges Award (presented to “remarkable teams that stand out”).

That’s because at KCS, we infuse character and citizenship into all we do, even when it comes to building LEGO robots! 
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