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KCS Superheroes: Wonder Women of Costumes

Who’s faster than a sewing machine, More powerful than a hot glue gun, Able to make 110 costumes in a single school year?

The Wonder Women of Costumes!

Welcome to the first edition of KCSuperheroes - where we reveal the secret identities of our very own superheroes - disguised as “Moms” and “Dads”.  

Today we are speaking with Jossette Degiorgio, Dinah Farah, Andrea Oddy, Tracey Cairns, Isley Rojas, Alexa Murphy and Deb Lamb about costumes. 
Q: You’re Moms by day, costume-making Wonder Women by night. What are your superpowers?
Andrea: A “good eye” for putting outfits together.
Isley: Being creative.
Deb: Shopping at the Canadian Opera Company.
Dinah: Multi-tasking.
Tracey: Making hats!
Alexa: Super glue gun powers!
Q: Wait. No one mentioned any sewing…
Jossette: Ha! Have you seen my hemlines?! People always tell me they’re terrified of the sewing machine. Truth is, we try not to use it.
Alexa: Any creative skill, like glue gunning, paper mache and painting are very helpful!
Jossette: The most important thing is creativity. And thinking outside the box.  
Q: Last year, a record-breaking 110 costumes were made. Where do you find the time to perform these superhuman feats?  
Tracey: I enjoy working on “piecework” projects at home - just tell me what I have to sew or glue. I find it relaxing to stitch away and be creative!
Jossette: We accommodate everyone’s schedule. If you can do one costume, amazing! If you can come out for lunchtime fittings, fantastic!
Q: Wonder Woman has great taste in bulletproof bracelets and truth-inducing lassos. What got you interested in costumes?
Deb: I started ten years ago when KCS did Greece in 2009. It was my daughter’s first play. This year, both my boys are in the play, so it’s great to do something together.
Isley: This is my first year. I have admired the previous years’ costumes, and my daughters also come home with lots of ideas for costumes.
Tracey: I’m the only team member who’s never had a child in any of the KCS plays. I just “gave it a try” and now this is my 4th year!
Q: What keeps you coming back?
Deb: It’s a lot of fun and we laugh a lot!!
Tracey: The kids are just so cute!
Andrea: I get so much satisfaction out of fitting the children on Day 1 and seeing them in their finished costumes.
Dinah: I LOVE working with the ladies on the Costume Team!
Jossette: The moms are awesome! The Costume Closet is very small, so you have to like who you’re working with. Very tight quarters. Ha!
Q: What is your kryptonite?
Jossette: Feathers. You’ll find them months later. Everywhere.
Q: Wonder Woman always does the right thing out of compassion and love. What motivates you?
Isley: Volunteering is an opportunity to share and connect with my daughters’ school community.
Deb: Of all the things I have volunteered at over the years, costumes is by far my favourite and the most rewarding.
Andrea: Getting to know the kids is really fun!            
Alexa: It gives us an opportunity to work with students who are not in our children’s grade. I now cry at every graduation much to my hubby’s embarrassment!
Dinah: My kids love that I’m involved in such a creative way at the school.
Jossette: When the kids put their costumes on, it transforms them and allows them to bring their art to life. It makes us happy to see them happy – it’s what keeps you coming back.
If you’re interested in being a part of this team of Wonder Women, please contact Jenn MacDonald or Jossette Degiorgio.
Know any KCSuperheroes? Email Michelle Chung to reveal their secret identities!
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