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See Bob Run

Have you ever wondered why Bob Hayes is always stretching or doing lunges when he’s on parking lot duty? Well, these days, it probably has something to do with the fact that KCS’s beloved Math and PE teacher will be heading off to participate in the Lake Placid Half Ironman Triathlon this September.
Bob has always been an exceptionally avid and dedicated athlete, particularly when it comes to running, cycling, and swimming. But he has really upped his game over the past few years. In both 2015 and 2016, he participated in a 20 km swim across Lake Erie. He tried multiple times to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and finally succeeded on his 9th attempt this spring! He is currently in training to run the marathon in April 2019. Now that’s persistence! 
He also runs pretty much every day, rides his bike everywhere, and coaches Olympic swimming hopefuls (including gold medalist Penny Oleksiak) in his spare time. Oh, and he’s switched over to an entirely plant-based diet. You should see his lunches. It’s like a grocery store produce section moved to the staff room.
All of us adults at KCS are inspired by Bob’s athletic feats. But our students also get to be inspired in a different way. They get to work alongside a high-performing athlete who shows them first-hand what happens when you continue to work on your athletic skills and craft as you go forth into adulthood.
Because lifelong learning isn’t just about academics. It’s also about athletics, fitness and following your passions.
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