Character Education

Mother's Day in the NICU

“Knowing What Matters in Life” is at the core of everything we do at KCS. While we want our students to excel in academics, art and athletics, what we really want is for them to grow up to become thoughtful and compassionate citizens who value the truly important things in life.
Our Grade 3 students are well on their way to that goal. A few months ago, one of the students gave a presentation to his classmates about the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Mount Sinai hospital. He had become involved with the NICU through his parents’ HandFullHearts charitable organization and thought his friends might be interested in the work they were doing.
His peers were moved by his stories about the youngest patients at the hospital and their moms who sit by their side all day and night. They felt that they needed to do something to help these families who were going through such a difficult experience.  
When Mother’s Day approached, the whole grade decided that this was the perfect time to help out. They felt the best way to make a difference was to just send a little love to those moms in the NICU. So they decorated gift bags with beautiful art and heartfelt messages of hope and kindness. They then filled those bags with little gifts that they thought the moms would appreciate. As the kids filled the bags with coffee cards, chocolates and hand creams, they also filled their own hearts with empathy for others and deep gratitude for their own families.
When they were all done, four of the students made a trip to Mount Sinai to deliver the baskets and pass on best wishes from all the Grade 3 students. The mothers in the NICU were touched and overwhelmed by the compassion our young students were showing for others. “I'm excited for Mothers Day,” said one mother in the NICU “but I just want to be able to hold [my baby] and feed him and do all of those normal things. [The gift bag] was a great surprise. Especially it being in here. It definitely brightens up your day a little bit."
Helping others who are going through hard times and taking a moment to be thankful for our blessings. Isn’t that what really matters in life?
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