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The Small School Experience

People sometimes talk about being a big fish in a small pond like it’s a bad thing. But for young kids, being a big fish in a small pond is actually a pretty amazing thing. Everyone in a small pond knows everyone else, and everyone gets a turn to try something new. Small ponds are warm, welcoming, and full of opportunities. 
That’s why everyone at KCS has chosen to learn and work at a small school. Because in a small school, nobody can slip through the cracks and hide in plain sight. Our students are known and loved. At KCS, everyone is treated as a unique individual.
The other great benefit of a small school is that students get to explore so many different experiences. In a big school, it’s a simple question of numbers and competition. The basketball team is only for the best players and the school musical is only for the best actors. But at KCS, kids can make the team even if they’re beginners and ten-year-olds get to walk out on stage before a real audience for the first time in their lives.
That’s the magical thing about a small pond. It’s a place where a Grade 8 student will stop to chat with a buddy from kindergarten. It’s a place where a kid can have the chance to be in the Lego Robotics club and on the soccer team at the same time. In other words, it’s a place where every child gets to feel like a really big fish. 
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