Junior Division: Grades 4-6
Grade 5

Sharing Knowledge, One Song at a Time

We have lots of teachers at KCS. But most of them don’t work here.

Obviously, we have an amazing faculty made up of full-time teachers. But we also have hundreds of parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles – all of whom possess unique and exciting knowledge that’s just waiting to be unlocked and shared.

One of those unofficial teachers is Scott Dibble, whose son is in Grade 4 at KCS. Scott is an award-winning singer/songwriter who has worked and performed with the Barenaked Ladies and Jann Arden, as well as with his own bands Watertown and Hemingway Corner.

Eager to share his passion for music and songwriting, Scott came and spent an afternoon working in his son’s Grade 4 class. First, the whole class performed a Selena Gomez song, as a way to learn about the structure of a song. They then collaborated as a group to write their own song about KCS and all the things they love about their school. They sang and recorded both songs, which Scott then remixed, polished and produced as CDs/MP3 for the kids.

While he enjoyed teaching the students about songwriting and recording, Scott’s main message was to simply get out there and create art. He encouraged the students to embrace their creativity and take a responsible risk. As he put it, “doing magical things is easier than you might think”.

We couldn’t agree more. Because thanks to Scott and all the other members of our passionate community who share their knowledge with us, our students get to learn first hand just how easy it is to make learning magical. 
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