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KCS Students Work Better Together

When grade 8 students at Kingsway College School learned that bees get stressed, even to the point of death, when being transported by truck they knew something had to be done. The FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition offered these students the chance to help.

FIRST Lego League teams were challenged to be “Animal Allies” and research and pitch a solution to a real-world problem that involves interactions between humans and animals. KCS team SWARM proposed a specialized truck with sound proofing, temperature control and even lavender scent to calm the bees during transport. “The noise from the highway irritates the bees – it’s unsafe for them,” explains grade 8 student Ella Root.

Students then built and designed autonomous robots using LEGO Mindstorm EV software to complete a series of animal-themed tasks and be crowned ultimate robot.

Starting their project in September, team SWARM won first place at the Durham Region Tournament Championship in December and progressed to the FIRST LEGO League Ontario East Provincial Championships held at Durham College in Oshawa on January 14.

Team SWARM proudly capped off their season with the First Lego League Teamwork Trophy.  Demonstrating exceptional First Lego League Core Values, the KCS SWARM earned top marks as the team that was “able to accomplish more together, than as individuals, through shared goals, strong communication, effective problem solving and excellent time management.”

Just like lego, and bees, KCS students show that working together is better.
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