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Reaching For the Top: Mt. Everest climber Angus Murray Visits KCS

Do you like adventure? Are you a goal setter that practices healthy habits of mind, body and action? Would you consider climbing the world’s tallest mountain?  Many of these questions were answered by Kingsway College School’s special guest speaker: Mr. Angus Murray.  Presented by the KCS Parent Network, in this latest installment of the Talk that Matters series, the students enjoyed an inspiring presentation by outdoor educator and seasoned mountain climber Angus Murray. The audience was captivated by Mr. Murray’s gripping story of how he successfully reached the peak of Mount Everest. He is officially recognized as the 50th Canadian to have completed the grueling two-month climb to the top of the world.

Some of our students may remember Mr. Murray from their visits to the Norval Outdoor Education Centre where he was an instructor for several years. He reminded students about the many exciting activities that they enjoyed at Norval and how learning in the outdoors can be a wonderful experience. Mr. Murray also connected the KCS Habits of Mind, Body and Action with the skills he developed to achieve his goal of climbing Everest.  For example, it took him an entire year to strengthen his body so that it could handle altitude sickness and he researched dozens of books in order to sharpen his understanding of a potentially dangerous environment. Mr. Murray also explained how he had been, in reality, preparing to climb tall mountains since he was a young boy.  While he was an elementary school student, Mr. Murray took action by developing his curiosity, persisting with his studies and sports teams, and using both creativity and flexibility to reach his ultimate goal. 

Perhaps the most poignant message from Mr. Murray touched upon taking responsible risks.  It takes planning and good decision making to turn your dreams into reality. Like many things, adventure involves risk taking but that does not mean being irresponsible. Mr. Murray quipped, “I thought about not wearing my altitude mask, but I promised my family that I would come back safe and figured it would be a good idea to put it on after all.”

Following his presentation, Mr. Murray took time to answer questions and demonstrate some of the gear that he used to climb the mountain. Perhaps he even inspired a few KCS mountaineers.  A sincere thank you to Angus Murray and the Parent Network for another unforgettable event. 
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