Junior Division: Grades 4-6
Grade 6

Lego WeDo and Robotics

The Grade 4 students have been exercising their creativity and problem solving skills as they explored the multidimensional world of Lego Robotics. Earlier in the year, the grade 4 classes were introduced to building simple machines using gears, pulleys, wheels and axels and then testing their machines using inclined planes.  As they ramped up each activity, the construction tasks became more complex ultimately arriving at Lego WeDo 2 Robotics.  In addition to using IPads and MacBooks to build programmable robots, the design teams faced many challenges that tested their teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
The Lego Robotics science unit began with the introduction of the critical challenge entitled Drop and Rescue.  In this real world scenario, a natural disaster has occurred, and each team must build and program a helicopter that would drop vital supplies or rescue trapped citizens from the danger zone.  It was wonderful to observe the students working together to decipher the instructions and work co-operatively to build their rescue copters.  Undaunted by the multi-step process, the students persisted with the programming and testing of their aircraft. Most importantly, the real world connections came to the forefront when copters fell apart during the rescue, programs were unresponsive and designs had to be revamped and reviewed.

Grade 4 scientists continue to push the limits of their imaginations and try new critical challenges using the Key Habits of persistence, creativity and teamwork.
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