Junior Division: Grades 4-6
Grade 6

Grade 4 student launches Inaugural KCS Comic Club

It is amazing how many exciting clubs are offered at KCS.  Earlier this term, one of our grade 4 students approached Ms. Field and pitched a wonderful idea—why not have a club that discusses and creates comics?  From that original conversation, the inaugural KCS Comic Club was launched.  Every Friday morning during the winter term, a group of young comic book enthusiasts experimented with graphic novel software at . After some test driving and tinkering, the Comic Club was off and running.   Students worked hard to create their own series based on four main characters and experimented with online tools for themes, backgrounds and of course, word bubbles. SPLAT! 
The students had a great time discussing their favourite characters, special issues and the many blockbuster movies currently based on awesome comic characters.  Comic club would not be complete however, without talking about the joy of collecting.  Remember to keep an eye out for that limited addition number 1 comic!
Here is an interesting bit of comic folklore. Is it possible that Clark Kent was based on a Canadian? Along with writer Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster from Toronto, created the Superman character in 1933.  In the original version, Superman's mild-mannered alter ego, Clark Kent, worked for the Daily Star, which was patterned after the Toronto Star. The newspaper's name in the strip was later changed to The Daily Planet…and the rest is history. (Historica Canada Encyclopedia)
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