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Super Spelling Abilities

It was an exciting morning in Canada Hall as fourteen determined Super Spellers competed in the 2017 KCS Primary Spelling Bee. What an amazing display of Grade 2 and 3 spelling abilities! Starting with two preliminary rounds, the contestants looked impressive, spelling their words flawlessly. One by one, the brave spellers showed persistence and took responsible risks as each new round become more and more challenging. It was lovely to see the contestants encouraging and congratulating each other between their trips to the mic.
The later rounds ramped up the intensity with difficult words such as abyss, adhesive and acquired thrown into the mix. To their credit, the Super Spellers really showed great concentration navigating through thorny homonyms as they juggled the difference between the mane of a lion and the main idea of a story! Despite the challenging words and the added pressure of spelling in front of a large audience, the students were cool, calm and collected. Awesome!
A sincere thank you to our Grade 6 Leaders who provided support and encouragement to the competitors. Thanks also to our judges Mdm. Fanjoy, Ms. Tenebaum and Ms. Holyck. In addition, a special thank you to Ms. Holyck for coordinating this year’s Spelling Bee and to our fantastic Grade 6 emcee.
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