Character Education

Service Learning in Grade 7 and 8

In its ninth year, the service learning class, a class unique to KCS, has been extremely successful. Service learning links what students are learning in their classes to community service. The grade 7 and 8 students connect their geography learning to projects that benefit the local and global communities. The grade 7 theme is natural resources and sustainable development and the grade 8 theme is global challenges. Students must use their learning skills and demonstrate their learning through a written report, an action project, a reflection, and a presentation. This year, the grade 8 students are working on group presentations about solutions to the UN Millennium Development Goals. Students in grade 7 have designed and constructed: books, board games, presentations, websites, and activity books for younger students to teach them about water pollution, global warming, mining, fossil fuels, famine, and endangered species. Thank you to these student leaders who are helping to make a difference through these meaningful projects.

Here are some quotes from grade 7 students about their projects this year:
  • I learned that when you work in a group, you have to try to compromise whenever possible and to be open to others’ ideas.
  • The audience I presented to is educated about how they can take a responsible risk and keep our planet green.
  • From this experience I learned that when presenting to a younger grade it might not be as easy as you think. You might have to change words and sentences so that they can understand it.
  • You need to work as a team and listen to one another and then the ride of making the project will be much easier.
  • I feel that we were very successful for our project and how we worked together, and that we did a good job getting our message out to the world.
  • Doing this project was a fun opportunity to work with your friends, learn about your topic, and be creative with what you do.
  • We thought that if we made learning fun that younger kids and even kids our age would enjoy it more and that the facts would stay in their minds.
  • I have learned that working together and cooperation with partners can lead to great things. 
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