KCS Sets a Foundation for Success

My name is Tanner Thomson, KCS alumnus 2010. I have 3 brothers (Keaton '12, Hudson 15', Finlay) who also attended KCS and who are all now at St. Michaels College School.

One thing that is constant is my friends from KCS. We graduated high school in 2014 & although some were at different schools, we all hang out on the weekends and summers. This is a little difficult because I go to school in the United States. I am attending Marquette University in Wisconsin on a lacrosse scholarship. However, I still carry the three KCS school rules with me at all times. Respect, Manners and Try your Best.

As a student/athlete in a Division1 University, it is like having 2 full time jobs - respect and trying my best are pivotal aspects of my daily routine. Whether it is waking up early to work out & practice in the cold Milwaukee winter or studying until late at night with my academic advisor and team mates, having these rules has helped me get to this point in my academic & athletic career. As a team we travel every weekend from January to May all over the States to play in the Big East conference. Wherever we travel I am representing Marquette & with that comes the responsibility of maintaining the standards and integrity of the university. I was taught this life skill at KCS by using my manners and always respecting people I encounter.

My freshman year at Marquette was an adjustment for me. I was on my own for the first time, in a new country, with new friends and a new way of daily living. I not only had to work hard in the classroom, to keep my grades up but I also had to work hard on the lacrosse field in order to earn playing time and the respect of my team mates and coaches. As a result, I finished my freshman year with a 3.1 GPA and also earned some playing time on the field. My sophomore year started out much more comfortably. Had the same gruelling schedule but this time I knew what I was going to be up against. This past spring, my lacrosse team won the Big East NCAA Conference Championship in Denver. I was fortunate enough to play in most games this year. Unfortunately we lost to UNC in the first round of the NCAA tournament but it was ultimately a great experience.

I would like to thank KCS for helping me set the solid foundation of always trying my best, respecting others & encouraging manners at all times. I look forward to my next 2 years at Marquette and will always look back fondly on my years at KCS.

Tanner Thomson, Class of 2010
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