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Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Nurturing Relationships Between Children & Elders

At KCS, we set aside a special day where the student’s grandparents are invited to come and get a taste of what we at the school are all about. This day is not just a treat for the grandparents, but very much so for us here as well. Because seniors have experienced things that we may never get to, the lessons they can teach us are invaluable. Through all of human history, we have learned from the past to make progress, building upon the lessons of each passing generation.  We have become more civilized, more educated and wiser because of our predecessors.  This year’s Grandparent’s Day was no exception!

Young children get many things from grandparents or elders in their life.  The older generation can show our young learners a calm presence, how to be a loving friend, and a world of experience can be shared. Within the current technocratic world around them - social media and the “global village” being ubiquitous - the world has become an overwhelming place for children. The days of playing with sticks, rocks, boxes and bottle caps may be gone, but can make a resurgence if we choose to do so. It is up to us as responsible adults to what we expose our future doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders. Much like the adult coloring movement (evidenced in bookstores worldwide) and how it positively effects the brain, so can working with simple objects to stimulate innovation, problem solving and imagination. In addition to these crucial cognitive skills, social skills are necessary to successfully master our educational system: another reason to nurture relationships between children and their elders.

Although we only officially set aside a single day to celebrate this relationship, we should celebrate our seniors every day. Grandparents can play a major role in learning about who we are and where we came from; also something to celebrate. As an educator of young children, I believe that grandparents have the power to teach so much to young people, to ensure that culture lives on in and around us. As James Baldwin put it: “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them”. 

Bonnie De Kuyper, RECE
PK Teacher
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