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Stronger Than You Think

The KCS Parent Network, Talk That Matters series returned on Friday, May 20, 2016. Dr. Tricia Williams from the Hospital for Sick Children presented "You are stronger than you think:  How your brain helps you and others" to our Senior Kindergarten to grade 8 students in Canada Hall. 

Dr. Williams is a pediatric neuropsychologist.  At SickKids she works with kids and teens who experienced an incident involving their brain when they were a baby. Her job is to help these children; their families and teachers understand how they learn best.  Dr. Williams is particularly inspired by the strength of these children and their families and the amazing potential of the brain. Her presentation to KCS students highlighted how the brain is stronger than we think! She discussed brain development, different learning styles and how kids can use their brain to help themselves as well as other people in their lives.
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