Intermediate Division: Grades 7 & 8
Grade 8

Investigation: Protecting Canada's Marine Biodiversity

The thoughtful students of grade 7 read about proposed protected areas in the Globe and Mail:
‘Following up on campaign promises, the Liberal government has confirmed that it will set aside five per cent of this country’s ocean waters for protection by 2017 and a further five per cent by 2020 in order to meet Canada’s commitments under the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity.’ (Globe and Mail, December 2015)

Each student chose one of the proposed areas and did some investigation into where it was and what was unique about the region. Class discussion involved thinking about questions such as:
  • Why would this proposal be important? 
  • What effect would it have on fisheries? 
Our findings were displayed in the classroom so that everyone could see the different areas in the proposal.

Ms. Gaudet
Grade 7 Teacher, Citizenship Co-ordinator
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