Our Arts Program

KCS Prepared Me To Follow My Dreams

My name is Dominic Toccacelli, I attended KCS and recently joined the alumni Facebook page.

I have just started my first year of college and have recently been reflecting a lot on my childhood and how my past has paved the way for my future. For a while now I wanted to try and reach out to KCS to thank the staff and the school for the opportunities it gave me, particularly in one area.

Arts for me have always been one of the most important things in my life, and while I feel they are often overlooked [elsewhere] I wanted to thank KCS for preparing me to follow my dreams. I currently attend Berklee College of Music in Boston on trumpet, the instrument I started on at KCS and if it were not for the opportunities I had to study and perform at KCS, I would not have found my passion. I wanted to thank all of the members of the music and arts faculty at KCS for pushing me beyond the classroom and motivating me to take the road less traveled, because of your hard work you have inspired me to become a better musician and person.

I wanted to reach out because I thought it was important to tell KCS how much it meant to me, and how the work that all of you do every day has allowed me to pursue my dreams. The words respect, manners, and try your best have never meant more to me and if KCS had not engrained that in me I would not be who I am today.

Thank you,
Dominic Toccacelli
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