Junior Division: Grades 4-6
Grade 4

Silver Birch Finale 2016

On Thursday March 10, 2016 grades 5 and 6 students celebrated the finale of a special reading program. The halls of KCS were inundated with turtles, ghosts and one very unique hot air balloon.  Why you might ask? It was the Silver Birch Celebration Day, where students get to dress up as characters from all the books they have read. This year in only two months, students read over 1,045 books while participating in the Silver Birch Program.

This province wide program aims to introduce students to Canadian books and authors. After reading at least 5 books, each student voted for either their favourite non-fiction or fiction title. This year the non-fiction winner was When the Worst Happens, with Baseballogy coming in second, and Haunted Canada and Saving Turtles tying for third place. The fiction winner this year was Rain Shadow, with Masterminds and Rocket Blues tying for second place, and The Swallow: A Ghost Story coming in third.

During the ceremony, which was emceed by Iliana and Nicholas, students who had read all twenty books were awarded a special certificate by Mme. Fanjoy. Mrs. Hoggarth announced which house read the most books and won points for their House Challenge. Iliana and Nicholas also announced the winners of the annual poster contest.

Congratulations KCS! Mrs. Hoggarth, Mrs. Tenebaum, Ms. MacDonald, Mr. Kolozetti, and Mr. Sawyer are all VERY proud of your accomplishments!
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