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Student Learning Styles

KCS teachers understand the importance of creating rich learning opportunities for each of our students. We recognize that participation in learning is not based solely on social participation. As such, providing multiple ways for students to express their understanding is a central focus in our teaching.
In recognizing that students learn differently, we also recognize that students demonstrate their understanding in many ways. Teachers at KCS provide opportunities for students to share what they know in ways that students feel comfortable doing so. We also challenge students to take a responsible risk in trying new ways of learning. Incorporating technology provides opportunities for students to extend their ideas and create presentations that can take the place of live presentations – reducing the pressures that can accompany them. Getting to know each student well helps us determine how to both nurture and challenge their individual learning styles.
While our facilities provide break-out spaces and our program provides opportunities for collaboration, we also recognize the importance of independent work. In addition to rich group work, students also learn to work independently and to create personal, individual learning experiences. Providing a range of learning opportunities at KCS helps students to develop a personal bond with learning that will help them to become life-long learners. 
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