Open Houses and Tours

In-person Tours are BACK!

Having been part of this wonderful KCS community for over 22 years, I have had the pleasure of seeing many amazing things. Over the years, we have doubled our Grade 1 to 8 classes, we have added our Kindergarten division, our facilities have improved in countless ways thanks to our three additions and the retrofits we have done, we offered Grade 9 programming last year and this fall we have opened our new campus that will be a full Grade 9-12 in 2024. A lot of change has happened as KCS expands the possible for all of our students. 

As well all know, the past 2 years have been very challenging. But this fall, we have been able to open our doors and offer in-person Open Houses. We have been so happy to see new families come into our Junior and Senior School facilities. Our student tour guides were amazing! They have not had long to get ready, but they did a fabulous job. 

We have held multiple Open Houses in the past few weeks and attended two Fairs. They were very well attended by prospective families and applications have started to come in for the 2023-24 school year. It has been such a pleasure to answer questions, watch our tour guides proudly show off their school, hear the positive feedback and not do it all virtually. 

As in the past, numerous families commented on how poised and capable our Tour Guides were. The students spoke about our facilities, explained our Four Doors program, described our clubs and teams, shared personal experiences, and they answered a multitude of questions. I must admit that I still learn a thing or two about the school from them every tour we do!

We are looking forward to more tours this year and hope that you will join us. Our students will show you the school and give you a good sense of the community that is KCS!

Lise Lacroix,
Director of Admissions and Operations
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