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Encouraging Dialogue: Speaker Series 2014 - Drop The Worry Ball, Promoting Resiliency

In April 2014 KCS held a Speakers Series featuring Dr. Alex Russell, a clinical psychologist and author of Drop the Worry Ball.

Dr. Russell addressed common challenges parents face, including dealing with troublesome behaviours, supporting children at school, and controlling or monitoring children’s access to computers, cell phones and other forms of digital technology. In his enlightening and refreshing talk, Dr. Russell provided advice to help parents take a positive and emotionally rewarding role in their children’s lives, while allowing them to have the opportunity to make their own decisions – and mistakes – during the complicated business of growing up. He also offered essential perspectives on today’s child-rearing context and the powerful forces that pull us to become over-involved in our children’s lives. 

The heart of his message was that children learn by experiencing non-catastrophic, painful failure, and it is through the process of these failures that they mature into resilient, resourceful and emotionally balanced individuals.  


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