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Encouraging Dialogue: Speaker Series 2016 - Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

The 2016 Encouraging Dialogue speaker series featured an evening on 'KEEPING OUR KIDS SAFE ONLINE'. We welcome the community for an informative evening about the practical realities of helping your children navigate their way successfully through social media and digital technology. Our guests addressed issues and concerns commonly experienced by parents and children including online presence and safety, user frequency, privacy issues and safeguarding technology.
Our guests included:

CEO and Founder of VISR Technology

Robert is a Canadian entrepreneur on a mission. He is the founder of VISR - a big data company in the safety and wellness space. A fast growing technology safety startup, VISR utilizes the latest advances in machine learning, natural language processing and social linguistic behavior analysis to detect emerging safety and wellness issues children are facing to online. Through this early detection technology, VISR then alerts parents to things like bullying, age-inappropriate material and possible mental health concerns - like depression, anorexia and self-harm. By using technology to address the very challenges it has created, VISR is building the safety layer to the web, helping us and our children lead happier, safer lives.

Social Media Relations Officer with the Toronto Police Force

Scott has been employed as a police officer for 23 years, and is currently assigned to be a Social Media Officer working in the Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications office. He volunteers as a social media adviser for community led Crime Stoppers programs in partnership with police and media nationally in Canada, in USA and internationally.
Privacy Consultant

Samara is the Principal Consultant at Drawbridge Consulting Inc., a boutique privacy consulting firm. She has over fifteen years of successful and progressive experience in both the private and public sectors with a focus on strategic privacy program development and management and practical compliance program creation. A certified information privacy professional and information privacy manager (CIPP/C and CIPM), Samara’s expertise is creating practical, compliant and business-focused privacy programs and risk mitigation solutions. She speaks regularly about creating practical solutions to privacy issues. When not protecting data, Samara spends her time protecting her two young sons from themselves!

Director of Student Life at Kingsway College School

Tamara oversees student wellness and discipline at KCS, including personal counselling, guidance and providing teacher support. In this role, Tamara has worked with faculty to address issues around social media and privacy concerns. As a mother of a 12 and 21 year old, she has also had to address these concerns in situations impacting her own children. Tamara Drummond holds an M. Ed. in Counselling from Acadia University, a B.Ed. and B.A. from the University of Western Ontario. She is a member in good standing with The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.


    • Robert Reichmann of VISR; Constable Scott Mills; Samara Starkman, Privacy Consultant; Tamara Drummond, KCS Director of Student Life

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