Invest In Play

Invest in Play

Grade 6 Student

I am excited for the walking track, new field, and that the older kids get to go on the play structure

Push for the Park!

Make a difference in the lives of children in the Kingsway today and countless others for generations to come!

Through the generosity of our community, corporate donations and government funding, we have already raised 80 per cent of our $1.5 million goal to renovate Humbertown Park.

Your gift today will: 

Infuse new life into the playing field
  • A new irrigation system means students can use the field year-round
  • No more missed recesses for flooding or icing
  • KCS will finally be able to host athletic competitions without worrying that the field will be unusable
Build imagination and creativity for all ages with a new playground
  • Two new natural material play structures from EarthScape Designs
  • Older students have the chance to play with a structure designed for them
  • Younger students develop important motor skills with a second play structure
Bring the classroom outdoors
  • An outdoor learning space set in beautiful new landscaping
Meet the needs of the whole community
  • A paved walking path around the whole park brings new life
  • A space to jog in the mornings or run cross country try-outs during the year
We're going to make Humbertown Park a best-in-class play space once again and now we need your help to reach our goal.

We are proud to recognize all donors starting at $5,000 directly at the park site. 

The Importance of Recess - From Edutopia

    • 80% of goal raised! Donate today and Push for the Park!

      80% of goal raised! Donate today and Push for the Park!

Grade 3 Student

The field won't be muddy anymore!


Donor Recognition

Bronze: $5,000 - $9,999
Silver: $10,000 - $19,999
Gold: $20,000 - $49,000
Platinum: $50,000 +

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