Invest In Play

Community Impact and Donor Listing

Thank you to all of our generous KCS donors for supporting the Humbertown Park Renovation Project:

List of 12 items.

  • - A -

    Cathy and Peter Acs
    The Alexander Family
    Tanya and Richard Antosik
    Jennifer Deschenes and Matthew Atkin
  • - B -

    Laura and David Barker
    Alison and Doug Bell
    Dalia Besasparis
    Karen Crich and Greg Betty
    Dawn Biljetina
    The Bombier Family
    Trish Borg
    Ruth and Paul Bottero
    Diana Bowes
    The Bowman Family
    The Bras Family
    The Breen / Seto family
    Joanne Pickard and Mike Bulger
    Lisa and Brian Burlacoff
  • - C -

    Jennifer and Grant Cansfield
    Julia Catton
    Victoria Birkett and David Ceolin
    Gregory Charlton
    Melanie and Mike Chernyak
    The Church Family
    Dayna Stringer and James Clarke
    Julie Clement
    Anouchka Freybe and Scott Connell
    Christy Porter Cook and Gord Cook
    The Coombs Family
    Sarah Jane and Philip Corke
    James Cumming
    Eloise and Ulrich Czekalla
  • - D -

    Emilio DaCunha and Mae Dang
    Dahlia Daley
    Kelley and Kevin Dalton
    The D'Ambrosio Family
    Keri Davis
    The Di Capo Family
    Danielle Perron and Scott Dibble
    Karen and Martin Dockrill
    Tamara and Gary Drummond
    Heather Dulmage
    The Dunn Family
    Judy Dunn-Hogarth
  • - E -

    The Edmonds Family
    The Butters - Elder Family
    AnnaMaria Esposito
  • - F -

    Andrea Fanjoy
    Maddy, Sophie and Vivienne Feeney
    James and Kate Fidani
    Sherri Field
    Foula Filipopoulos
    Tracey Primmer and
    Andrew Fitzpatrick
    Glen and Philippa Flint
    Maria and Cosimo Fragomeni
    Kit and Rob Fraser
    Sharon Freeman
    Sanyo Lue-Kim and David Friesema
  • - G -

    Isabel Garcia
    Sarah and Stuart Garvie
    Shelley Gaudet
    The Gesualdi Family
    Ursula Ghobadian and
    Thomas Schuetz
    Jasmine Pan and Benjamin Gould
    Carla Goncalves and
    Dominic Gouveia
    The Whelan Graves Family
    Jackie Kwitko and David Greenway
    Justine Grosman
  • - H -

    Dana and Scott Hackney
    The Haick Family
    Devan and Dillan Harris and Family
    Carol and Peter Helston
    Sarah and Griff Henderson
    The Heynen Family
    Karin Hill
    Karrie Holyck
    Lorna Hooper
    Susanne Burr and John Hourihan
    Luciana and Rick Huff
  • - I & J -

    The Iantorno Family
    Adele and David Imrie
    Karen Osmond and Brent Jeanneret
  • - K -

    The Kerton Family
    David Kim
    Christine and Robert Kittel
    Roma Huculak and Victor Korotky
    The Kupka Family
  • - L -

    Tania Da Fonseca and David Lachapelle
    Lise Lacroix
    Deborah and Steven Lamb
    Elizabeth and Paul Langill
    The Laurin Family
    Jean Lee
    Shanda Lee
    Rosemarie and Marc Lipman
    Heather and Derek Logan
    Billy and Tony Lourakis
    The Lund Family
  • - M -

    Jenn MacDonald
    Doris and Lachlan MacLachlan
    The MacLellan / Jay family
    Jennifer and Sean MacLure
    The Madigan Family
    Mark Magee
    Stacy Marcynuk
    Jane and Peter Marrone
    Graham Marshall
    The Mazan Family
    Maria, Kent and Brooke McCauley
    Hallie McClelland
    The McCluskey Family
    Jenn and Brian McLaughlin
    Lisa and Matthew Melchior
    The Mercier Family
    The Miles Family
    The Mireskandari Family
    The Mojsiak Family
    Matina Mosun
    Ali Murphy
    Alexa and Doug Murphy
Every attempt has been made to present an accurate listing of our community supporters. If you notice an error in this listing, please accept our sincere apologies and please contact the Advancement Office at

List of 11 items.

  • - N -

    Jossette Degiorgio and Oscar Navarro
    Michelle Nelson
    Bronwen Evans and Robert Nicol
    The Noe family
    Immi Sikand and Trevor Noronha
  • - O & P -

    Heather O'Doherty
    Elaine McWhirter and John O'Flaherty
    Elena Poulos and Frank Papanikolaou
    Andrea and Scott Pearson
    Nina and David Piatek
    Teresa Pollett
    Lindsay Pollock
    Douglas Porter
    Anh and Ralph Profiti
  • - R -

    The Amaral / Reeves Family
    The Renaud Family
    Susan Richardson, Emily and Andrew Burkart
    Lucy Rizzuto
    Kerrie Robins
    Brandon and Meghan Rocco
    Sara McClelland and Mark Rogers
    Lise Russo
  • - S -

    Michael and Lisa Samoszewski
    The Samworth Family
    Rolande and Rick Sarabia
    The Sawyer Family
    Sandy and Don Schroder
    The Semler Family
    Diane Kazarian and Ross Sinclair
    Leah Hladkyj and Mae Smith
    Jennifer and Scott Smith
    Shelley Smith
    Jennifer Hilb & Mike Smitiuch
    Anita Gandhi and Jason Squire
    Brenda Johnston & Ben Stadelmann
    Andrew Stefankiewicz and Emma Stefankiewicz
    The Symons Family
  • - T -

    Oscar, Maxwell and Nicholas Tan
    Bethlehem Shiferaw and Milkias Taye
    Janine Mulhall and Silvano Trinca
  • - V -

    Kim and Mike Vaccaro
    Kathleen Flynn and Paul Vessey
    The Vesz Family
    The Vetra Family
    Christian and Josh Visser
    The Viswanathan Family
  • - W -

    Kate and David Wallace
    Tracey Cairns and Michael Washinushi
    The Wassenberg Family
    Krista Vriend and Brock Whalley
    Anne White
    The Wilk Family
    Nancy, Jeff and Andrew Wilker
    Ingrid Wimenta and Jonathan Wong
    Lisa Woon
  • - X, Y & Z -

    Claire Shen and Mike Xu
    Kerstin Lack and Kevin Young
    Olena Nehrych and Oleg Zamer
    Rosa Del Campo and Peter Zissis
    Renata and Peter Zychla
  • - Anonymous -

    12 Anonymous Donors
  • - Organizations -

    The KCS Parent Network
    Naylor Building Partnerships
    Dr. Harold Rosenberg Dentistry
    Professional Corporation
    Magoo's Gourmet Burgers
    Matrix Healthcare Strategists Inc.
    Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
    Sun Life Financial
    Montgomery Alterations
    McCarthy Uniforms
    Walter and Maria Schneider Family Foundation
  • - Invested Students -

    Alexander and Ian Araujo
    Nayan Chabra
    Abigail Corke
    Michael D'Ambrosio
    Zoë Garvie
    Julian Gauthier
    Leo Germain
    Maggie MacLellan
    Cole Heynen
    Tyler Huff
    Owen Kunica
    Alessandro Marrone
    Daniel Marshall
    Declan McLaughlin
    Trenton Mayers
    Nessa Murphy
    Rhys Noronha
    Thomas Nikolakakis
    Tristano Profiti
    Hunter, Jake and Anara Renaud
    Olivia and Abigail Selland
    Mila Stewart
    Jack Sumarah
    Maxwell Tan
    Monty Vetra
    Mathilda Wassenberg
    Noah Whalley
    Kensington Wilcox
    Ethan Xu
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