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Service Learning and Community Service

It’s great when our kids learn something new in the classroom.

But it’s even better when they take those lessons and use them as tools to make the world a better place.

Each class at KCS participates in at least one service learning project each year, with many classes taking on more. A class learning about homelessness might decide to make lunches for a local meal program. Another class might write letters to CEOs and national leaders to tell them about the solutions they came up with for specific environmental problems.

Outside of these grade-wide initiatives, students are encouraged to become active participants in their local and global communities. Whenever a Junior School student takes part in a community service project outside of the school, their efforts are shared and celebrated in an Assembly and on the Junior School Wall of Service. By honouring their contributions, we have built a supportive school community that deeply understands the value of empathy, selflessness, and social justice.

We want our students to have amazing experiences inside our four walls. But we also want them to learn to look outside those same walls. And ultimately, to look outside of themselves.

KCS Junior School students at the Mississauga Foodbank