Our Citizenship Program

We’re all part of something bigger than ourselves.

Whether it’s in a classroom, on a team, or in the workplace, everyone has to learn to work together with other people.

So we’ve made citizenship one of our Four Doors to Learning at KCS. Because we know that to succeed in the 21st century, our students need to know how to collaborate, cooperate, and communicate.

And since we also want them to make the world a better place, we have to help them evolve into socially responsible leaders and engaged citizens.

At KCS, we don’t just talk the talk. Every single student takes part in a formal citizenship curriculum and participates in at least one act of service learning a year. We have also incorporated our approach to citizenship into the wider curriculum, because “being a good person” isn’t something you teach just one hour a week. It has to be part of a school’s culture.

That’s why at KCS, being a good citizen is something we encourage, inspire, and celebrate. Every single day.  

Meet our Citizenship Co-ordinator

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  • Photo of Shelley Gaudet

    Shelley Gaudet 

    Grade 7 Homeform Teacher, Citizenship Co-ordinator

Community Service Relationships

KCS 4 Doors to Learning

Derek Logan, Head of School

It’s great to be smart, but it’s more important to be a good person.
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