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Diversity and Inclusion Education

There’s an endless list of good reasons why we want our students to respect and value diversity and inclusion.

It will help them navigate an increasingly global world.
It will help them become more flexible in their thinking. It will help them understand the importance of different perspectives when solving problems.

But the best reason is also the most simple. We want our students to respect and value everyone they meet in life.

To help achieve this goal, we instill an attitude of respect for all people in everything we do at KCS. We also actively seek out opportunities to expose our students to new perspectives and points of view.

And our community is working right alongside us. The Pickard/Bulger Family Citizenship Fund was created to expand citizenship initiatives across the school, including the purchase of literature for the classrooms and the KCS library that would better reflect the diversity of our students, families, and the wider community.

Our students are growing up in the most diverse and exciting time in our world's history. We will help them make the most of this amazing opportunity.