Character Education

Character Education is all about learning to treat yourself and others with respect, compassion, and honesty.

It all starts with our three school rules – Respect, Manners, and Try Your Best. These rules aren’t just a slogan. They form the very foundation of all we do at KCS. They’re used as the basis for lessons and as a guideline for behaviour expectations.
Along with these core rules, students are taught the Habits of Mind, Body, and Action. These Habits help build a strong understanding of what it takes to create a life full of meaning and purpose.  
Of course, with almost 400 students spending all day together, mistakes are going to happen. These mistakes can result from not thinking or not fully understanding the scope of one’s actions (a particular challenge for children).
No one is happy when mistakes and conflicts arise, so KCS puts significant effort into directly teaching students how to avoid them. However, learning how to deal well with one's own mistakes, and also with the inevitable social challenges that befall all of us eventually, is part of becoming a confident, competent adult.
These are lessons that must be learned. These skills are part of knowing what matters in life. And, as with everything we do, we take it very seriously.

Character Education Programming

Second Steps: Used Used from Kindergarten through to Grade 8. It teaches the students how to solve challenges in a positive manner and builds their social-emotional skills in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant manner. 

Steps to Respect: Another excellent resource about positive peer relationships and anti-bullying is called Steps to Respect. Second Step and Steps to Respect are now being used from grades SK to 8.

Class Meetings: Class meetings are designed to involve the class in proactive problem solving and to practice character education skills. These powerful meetings teach: active listening, empathy, how to value diversity, positive problem solving, and team-building.

Zones of Regulation: This program is taught in grade 3. It helps students gain skills in self-regulation by developing self-awareness and emotional literacy. 

High Resolves: Our Grade 7 and 8 students engage in citizenship education through this program. They learn about global citizenship while fostering inclusion, resilience and collaborative thinking to build a sense of human responsibility. 

How to Be a Good KCS Citizen: by Grade 1

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