Outdoor Education

You will not be surprised to hear that KCS pays particular attention to your child’s comfort in the great outdoors.

Getting away from comfy chairs and those endlessly enticing screens can be a challenge, but it’s so worth it.

The evidence around outdoor education keeps piling up, and it all says that having kids spend time in nature improves everything from their learning to their empathy to their physical health.

KCS has a graduated program of age-appropriate outdoor adventures across the grades. Experiences range from full-day programs at Norval Outdoor School from JK through to grade 4 and overnight trips beginning in grade 5. The culminating trip with the grade 8s is a three-day outdoor education trip to Canterbury Hills in Ancaster, encompassing outdoor rock climbing and rappelling.

At KCS, we know that the best learning doesn’t always happen in the classroom. Sometimes it can happen just sitting under a tree!

KCS Student, 2016

The grade eights got to spend three days on an overnight camping trip at the beginning of the school year. We started out by going to an outdoor education camp called Norval. There, we did activities like high ropes. Then, we went to Rattlesnake Point. We set up camp and cooked our own meals. Some fun activities we did there were rappelling and rock climbing. Every night, we had a campfire and had singing competitions and a bon fire. We all had a great time and made great memories. It was a very good bonding experience and we all loved it.
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