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Kingsway College School celebrates the joy of play, teamwork, physical skill, and mutual respect.
Everyone needs to move. We all know the benefits of regular physical activity and making it a regular part of school life is one way to make it a lifelong habit.

Throughout their growth years, your child’s body is constantly demanding stretching, dynamic strength activity, and complex movement. But unfortunately, simply getting up and moving around has become less and less common in our modern world.

That’s why we’ve made sport and physical activity a priority. At Kingsway College School, our goal is to graduate students who understand the importance of fitness and who have the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to participate in a wide range of athletic activities.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of areas, including physical education class, clubs, and teams. We teach each child the importance of sportsmanship, courtesy, and respect, while celebrating the joy of being active.

Student sitting with basketball