Visual Art

With a dedicated art studio and two full time art teachers, KCS is fully committed to providing a robust education in visual art.

Every kid loves making art. It’s messy, you get to use cool tools, and your mistakes just end up making things more interesting!

At KCS, we go out of our way to make sure that our students are given lots of time to develop their artistic voice and skills. Students in each grade study influential artists and art fundamentals, giving them the foundation with which to explore painting, drawing, sculpture and other forms of visual art.

From the creative art centre that is a part of the daily schedule in Kindergarten, to mural painting in grade 5, to the creation of mix media with the theme of emotion in grade 8, KCS students are continually exploring and creating visual art.

In the spring, the KCS Art Exhibit is a spectacular showcase of talent – every KCS student produces an original piece of art to be displayed throughout the school. Each year, the exhibit explores a new theme, such as “Dreams”, “Celebration”, or “Kindness”. Through sculpture, painting, drawing and mixed media, the students examine the core theme and develop their own creative response. The end result is a school-wide explosion of art that inspires our entire community.

Visual art is about engaging with all of your senses and emotions. It’s about developing our own unique vision and then sharing our vision with others.

Our Visual Art Teachers

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Ali Murphy

    Ali Murphy 

    Grade 1 Homeform Teacher & Grade 1 Art
  • Photo of Antonia Williams

    Antonia Williams 

    JK/SK Art and French

Arts Reel


KCS Gallery Walls

Our three gallery walls located in the lobby, outside the library and the Multi-Purpose Room provide ideal spaces to showcase student art year round. These exhibits change with each new Wake Up with the Arts. Student art is also on display in the Head of School's office. 
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