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Students playing the ukelele at KCS Junior School
KCS Senior School guitar club with student playing guitar

Music is one of those universal things that binds us all together.

It moves us in ways nothing else can. It connects us to one another. And it simply makes everything better. Just imagine how boring a life without a soundtrack would be!

Students at KCS from JK to Grade 8 receive formal music instruction. Our early learners create music in their classroom and Grades 1 and above use our dedicated music rooms. The halls at the Junior School are continually filled with music. From our Kindergarten program all the way up to Grade 8, we teach our students to sing, play instruments, and appreciate the wide world of music. 

Students start learning how to read music in Grade 1, and then begin playing the recorder and ukulele in Grades 3 and 4. And once they reach Grade 5, they move up to a wide range of band instruments. And along with their regular music classes, older students can also participate in music-related electives such as Dance or Song Writing.

Music at KCS extends far beyond the classroom. In our Junior School, there are bands and two choirs: Primary and Chamber. We host two annual concerts, at Christmas and in the spring, which showcase the bands and choirs, as well as pieces prepared by individual classes.

Music matters at KCS. It’s not just background noise. It’s the heartbeat of our Junior School.

Musical Theatre at the Junior School!

Best theatre value in the city!

Each year, our entire Junior School comes together to put on a full-blown musical production. Students from Grades 1 through 8 take on a number of roles – both on stage and behind the scenes – and work together to focus their collective artistic energy on a truly epic project.

Staff and parents join in the fun as well, by helping out with organizing, directing, props, and costumes. Each year, over 200 members of the KCS community contribute to this wonderful experience.

And in the end, the entire community gets to sit back and enjoy a wonderful musical extravaganza that rivals the biggest hit shows on Broadway.

Well. Maybe that’s overselling it a bit. But we think it’s pretty great! 

KCS Junior School students in costume for musical Madagascar
KCS Madagascar musical animals in their crates on stage
Cut out stars on the gym floor for Musical