Media Arts

Extending learning through creative technology

Technology is changing our world at an incredible pace, and the world of arts is no exception.

To help our students make the most of this exciting new chapter in art history, we have integrated media arts into all subjects and grade areas.

Students at KCS take advantage of the latest in creative technology, using programs such as GarageBand, iMovie, Bitstrips, Pixlr Photo Editor, Powerpoint, Kid Pix, ArtRage and Comic Life.

Projects have ranged from kids in Grade 4 using Bitstrips to create comics in French class, to Grade 6 students creating podcasts about Canada’s trading partners, to Grade 8 students producing documentaries about influential events in Canadian history.

Outside the classroom, that exploration continues in Comic Book Club, iMovie Club, Newspaper Club, and through workshops with visiting videographers and film directors. 

Technology keeps evolving. So do we. 

Grade 8 Hot Docs


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