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Kids are natural performers. 

Students at the KCS Junior School have extraordinary opportunities to spread their dramatic wings.

Whether it’s a stand-up comedy routine or a tragic tale of woe, kids know the power of a well-told story. So we help them channel their innate abilities, by giving them plenty of guided opportunities that develop their dramatic skills.

Drama at KCS is integrated into the language arts, French, and social studies programs for all students from JK to Grade 5, and formal drama instruction is part of the curriculum in Grades 5, 6, and 7. Elements of dance are also integrated into the music, drama, physical education, and social studies programs at KCS.

Students at KCS have extraordinary opportunities to spread their dramatic wings - from taking workshops at The Stratford Festival to hosting comedians from Second City and to working with professional dancers and choreographers. And they are able to take what they’ve learned and put it to use on our own stage, in our annual talent show – Acting Out – and our spectacular school musical.

Theatre is gym class for empathy. 

'Dance n' Culture' Workshop - Bollywood Dancing

KCS Junior School students in a Bollywood dance class