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Are you looking for a place where you can choose your path and write your own story?

Do you want a school that is small by design, where your child will be known?

Are you looking for a school that actually prepares you for post-secondary education and the real world that follows?

Are you looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, where every kid has a mentor and learning partner?

Do you want a caring, safe community where your child can be who they are?

Do you want to go beyond the limits of traditional independent schools and allow your child to step out of the comfort zone of a traditional classroom environment?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, then KCS may be the perfect fit for your family!

If we were to design our ideal school, it would be KCS


Why Families Love KCS

Leaders in Learning & Well-being

Building on the Habits of Mind, Body, Action from our Junior School, all Senior School students will grow as Leaders in Learning with integrity, insight, and ingenuity. These traits are woven into every course and co-curricular, by design.

Well-being is integral to our daily interactions with our students and their education. Just as we focus on teaching core academic skills, we are proactive and intentional in helping our students develop social-emotional skills, understanding, and empathy for others.

KCS Path Program

The KCS Path Program provides dedicated time each week for students to grow as passion-driven learners. Starting in Grade 9, each student chooses a topic of greatest interest that they will learn about from an academic, artistic, athletic, and citizenship perspective, as well as through an offsite experience, during Grades 9 to 12. With support from their Faculty Advisor and an external expert, their Path Mentor, students will lead their learning, create an eportfolio, complete a creative impact project, and write an extended essay on their journey.

Learning Partners

The KCS Senior School expands learning by taking students to the greenspaces, neighbourhoods, and organizations in the GTA and beyond. Students learn not only curriculum content but also why their subjects matter by seeing the role they play in shaping the world.

Our school-wide focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is constantly evolving. Workshops, programs, and partnerships with groups such as The Get REAL Movement, The Sl9, High Resolves, and the Leacock Foundation's Get Ahead Project support our commitment to ongoing learning for staff and students. Conversations within and beyond our community allow students and faculty to grow in their understanding and apply what they know in their engagement with others.

How KCS Provides Unmatched Support For Students

Teachers made me feel appreciated and welcomed! I feel as if KCS supported me in multiple ways. When I first joined, I felt nervous and uncomfortable until I met most of the teachers. All the teachers made me feel appreciated and welcomed at all times no matter what the situation. KCS taught me a lot of life lessons, and goals which is why I have a different viewpoint on life ever since I joined.

- Senior School Student


No problem. You can email us at, or contact Nichola Ward at 416-234-5073 and Press 2 to set up a call with Rick Kunc, Assistant Head of Senior School. Rick will answer any questions you may have about the Senior School program at KCS. 

Explore the possibilities at KCS.