Technology at KCS

Navigating the changing digital world

Technology is in a constant state of development and change. One day, our students will be using technologies that haven’t even been invented to solve problems that haven’t even emerged yet.

So our job is to help them face those challenges with confidence and creativity. At KCS, we teach our students to shape their own learning by making thoughtful use of the seemingly endless array of technological tools available to them.

We help them create their own digital solutions to global and local issues. We help them understand the importance of digital safety and citizenship. And we help them use technology as a tool to develop their ability to communicate, collaborate, and think critically.

Technology takes many forms at KCS. Some examples include:
  • 1:1 computer access from grade 3 up
  • iPads available in JK-2
  • Interactive whiteboards for all grades
  • Plethora of iPad apps and desktop apps
  • Robotics in grade 7
  • FM system in all homeform classes
  • Coding clubs (ranging in age from Grade 2 to Grade 8)
  • Makerspace environment in clubs and classrooms
  • Documentation of learning through the use of an e-portfolio
It’s not really about the tools, it’s about using them with wisdom and creativity. Because those are the skills that will allow our students to truly master the technologies of not only today, but also tomorrow.  
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